moles & lesions

Moles can appear anywhere on our skin appearing mostly in early childhood and during the transition to adulthood.  As we all have melanocytes, our skin protects itself from the sun and climate which moles can form and our genetics.  

They change over time and can change in colour and even become raised or hairs can start sprouting from them.  Having yearly skin checks are important to keeping yourself safe from them becoming cancerous, as they can be removed if they are of that nature before it turns deadly in nature.

Removing them is a fast, safe and painless and doesn’t require any downtime.  Always wearing a Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ or higher will protect them from changing and becoming a danger to your life. 

Come and see us for your complimentary skin consultation and analysis to determine if we can assist in removal. If we  require you to first seek doctor approval, we can arrange an appointment at  Stellar Medical.

Treatments for moles and lesions:


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