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Advanced Facials

“Advanced Customised & Specialised facials tailored to each individuals skin type and concern!” 

Who never loved a good facial?!

Facials are an important aspect to overall skin care routine.  A facial a month assists in keeping your skin looking and feeling its best.  

Stellar Skin offers a wide variety of advanced facials from customised to specialised treatments, delivering results and ensuring our clients skin is getting the utmost care and nutrients it needs to stay in healthy, youthful and full of life.

Benefits of Facials

– Improves skin integrity and radiance

– Repairs and regenerates cellular DNA

– Prevents signs of premature ageing

– Deeply cleanses impurities and congestion

– Promotes smoother, softer and clearer skin

– Promotes blood circulation

– Minimises and reduces breakouts and acne

– Refines and improves skin tone and texture

– Allows for superior product absorption

– Rejuvenating, hydrating, purifying and firming

About our Treatments

Stellar Skin provides skin treatments tailored to your skins need.  We analyse skin type, tone, concerns and which treatments to incorporate to achieve the optimal results.

We use advanced skincare technology combined with highly active products and treatments to manage your skin as effectively delivering powerful results and beautiful skin.

healthy skin for years to come

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Advanced Facials

Once a month unless advised by your skin care professional.

Depending on if your are going through a treatment course to rectify a certain issue, you may need one every 2 weeks.

Everyone!  All ages, skin types, concerns and tones. 

Even healthy skin needs a good clean. 

With no downtime, you can resume your regular daily activities immediately although its recommended to avoid long exposure to sun and extreme heat for 24 hours, some beauty treatments for up to 2 weeks and intensive exercise or the first 24 hours. 


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