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acne scars

“Finally achieve smooth, even skin with permanent results for Acne Scars!”

Get smooth, even skin quickly and effectively!

Acne affects many of us, some more severely than others.  It can make us feel self-conscious in our skin and looks. With many treatments out there, PicoSure® Focus offers treatments that permanently get rid of acne scars while improving your skin tone and texture!  

This state-of-the-art technology from Cynosure dramatically improves acne scars giving you the boost you need to feel confident in your skin and boost your self-esteem.

– Permanent results

– No downtime

– Quick and easy

– For skin types light to dark

– FDA Approved

What does it Treat?

– Ice-pick; deep, narrow, pitted scars

– Rolling scars; broad depressions with sloping edge

– Boxcar scars; broad depressions with sharply defined edges

– Atrophic scars; flat, thin or depressed

– Hypertrophic scars; keloid ,thick lumpy

How does PicoSure® Laser work on Acne scars?

Acne leaves behind damaged cells due to injury, meaning collagen is damaged and therefore leads to abnormal healing, then scarring.  

PicoSure® FOCUS™ array lens delivers low energy pulses that activates the body’s natural healing response.

The diffractive lens array studies found that the remodeling of collagen goes beyond other treatments for acne scars by the delivery of concentrated ultra short energy pulses that’s faster than any other laser on the market by creating a photo-mechanical impact which breaks scar tissue into tiny pieces without harming any healthy surrounding skin.  

Your body then restores itself naturally flushing out the damaged cells and producing new cells full of collagen and elastin to promote healthier skin that is fuller, smoother and younger for years to come.

start your journey to smooth, even skin!

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PicoSure® Laser Acne Scars

Unlike surgery, laser acne scar treatment uses ultra-short pulses of laser light to reach deeply into the skin’s sub-layers, treating the support structure. The body’s natural healing process then sweeps away older, damaged tissue and rebuilds it with fresh, new collagen and elastin—the crucial building blocks of normal-looking skin. It’s a fast and simple procedure that’s easy to tolerate and requires little-to-no downtime.

Laser acne scar treatment is FDA-cleared for acne scars on any area of the body, including the face.

Laser acne scar treatment can work on many skin types, including very light and darker skin. Contact a provider to find out if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

The treatment can be performed in as little as 15 minutes or less, depending on the size of the targeted area.

Most people feel minimal discomfort during laser acne scar treatment. We will work with you on the best option for optimal comfort based on your individual situation.

Most people resume regular activities immediately following the treatment session.


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