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“Anthélia® IPL Pigmentation treatment will remove the signs of pigmentation giving you skin you have always wanted!”

Medical Grade

Pigmentation is one of the most common skin concerns in Australia. With many factors causing it like sun damage, post acne, cuts, open wounds, inflammation, surgery, medications and hormones, our most common cause is our sun, as the skin’s natural reaction is to protect it therefore producing more melanin, and darken the affected areas causing pigmentation.

Anthélia® IPL Pigmentation treatment with effectively treats pigmentation, discolouration and sun spots finally giving you a clear, more even and vibrant complexion.

What does it Treat?

– Brown spots and discolorations

– Sun spots


Age spots (Solar Lentigines)

– Liver Spots

– Superficial spots

Uneven skin tone

– Scarring Discolouration

How does it work?

Anthélia® pulsed light is polychromatic light filtering all ultraviolet rays – UVA, UVB and UVC. The light is absorbed by the melanocytes destroys the damaged cells and turnover your skin which naturally generates and stimulates the reactivation of your collagen and elastin, allowing for fresh cells to produce giving you even skin. The constant and efficient pulsed light flashes allow for preciseness minimising any risks of burning, damaging or discolouring the skin.

The device uses pulsed light in the service of medical aesthetics for pregressive and lasting skin rejuvenation.  With exclusive patented technology, it safe pulsed light technology visibly removes pigmentation leaving your skin with an even clearer and more confident complexion.

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone!

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Anthélia® IPL Pigmentation

The high technology of EFB beauté® pulsed light, as confirmed by clinical trials, guarantees the best results in total security.  The exclusivity of new technologies and processes used for the security and efficiency of treatment is guaranteed by many international patents.  The sessions are faster and the tarifs less expensive than those applicable for other technologies such as laser. 

The EFB beauté® technology meets the needs of males and females.  It provides excellent results on all parts of the face and body, in total security.

Only the lower part of the eyelids may not be treated.

The area treated is exposed to a flash of light, perfectly adapted to each skin type, during a fraction of a second. The feeling is similar to that of a brief stinging sensation when the light hits its target.

It is possible to treat all skin types Only the Anthélia® model, reserved for doctors, enables treatment on dark skins which are more sensitive to light due to the high level of melanin present in the skin.

Some can experience slight redness around then skin which has been treated along with some sensitivity for a few hours.  

You can resume most of your daily activities which you will be advised on at your consultation and appointment.  For the next 24 hours, avoiding hot showers and heavy workouts post treatment is recommended as well as SPF 30+ or hight must be used for 6 weeks after your treatment along with homecare products prescribed to reach optimal results. 


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