unwanted tattoos

Tattoos have been around since 12,000 BC. and in today’s day and age is on the rise and provides the use of colours and tones to bring tattoos to life. Sometimes in our life, we end up getting a tattoo that we no longer want on our body, or we may even want to make changes to the tattoo which require removal. 

Laser has come a long way over the years, advancing all the time, some now allow for easy removal of colours, as years ago laser technology was only able to remove black tones.  Our Tattoo Removal Treatment offers the removal of stubborn colours including red, green and blue, providing a more comfortable treatment than other lasers out there with incredible results.

Come see us for your complimentary skin consultation and analysis as well as treatment plan to achieving the best results for removing your unwanted tattoos.

Treatments for unwanted tattoo:


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