skin tags, lesions & pigmentation

“Remove lumps and bumps without invasive surgery, no downtime and smooth and even skin finish!”

Quick and simple procedure to removing unwanted skin lesions and pigmentation with superior results!

As we age, we notice our skin changing which can cause lumps and bumps that can affect the way we think and feel about ourselves.  RF (Radio Frequency) Surgical is an excellent option to providing removal of unwanted skin lesions, growths and pigmentation that are benign and harmless allowing you to improve your appearance by removing unwanted skin growths and lesions. 

Most commonly on our armpits, necks, eyelids, upper chest and grion, Radio Frequency Surgical provides a simple technique for easy and precise removal without damaging the surrounding tissues, causing scarring or pigmentation on areas treated, RF is a preferred alternative to cutting or burning unwanted lesions and is safe and quick without being invasive and minimal discomfort.

What does it Treat?

Skin tags

– Warts


Seborrhoeic keratosis (age or wisdom spots)

– Syringoma (harmless tumours within sweat glands)

quick and easy removal

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RF Surgical Skin Tags, Lesions & Pigmentation


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