led light therapy

“Rejuvenate your skin in only 30 mins with Optilux!  Improve your appearance – eliminate problematic skin and fight the signs of ageing!  The perfect add on treatment to enhance your skins results!” 

Eliminate acne and erase the signs of ageing with this non-invasive, non-intrusive affordable treatment.

LED Light Therapy is a relaxing, pain-free cell renewal treatment to provide optimal results for acne and ageing.  This incredible treatment is perfect for all skin types and tones as an add on treatment or alone to rejuvenating and bringing the life back to your skin.  

When adding LED Light Therapy to your skin treatment plan,  it aids in healing providing you with the ultimate recovery to post surgery, tattoo removal, and laser treatments. 

Erasing the signs of aging and eliminating bacteria, couldn’t be easier with our OPTILUX LED Light therapy to control breakouts and encourage collagen and elastin production.

Relax and enjoy the many benefits of OPTILUX LED Light Therapy – the express rejuvenation treatment to a more even, brighter, fuller and smoother complexion.

What does it Treat?

Acne – minimise and sooth, reduce redness and inflammation

Fine Lines & wrinkles

– Redness



Large Pores

Uneven Skin Tone and Texture

benefits of led light therapy

– Accelerates skin healing time post laser treatments, surgery and other treatments

– Helps to maximise results faster when used in conjunction with other treatments

– Kills acne causing bacteria and prevents acne from developing

– Helps to eliminate active acne

– Reduces open and enlarged pores

– Helps to re-hydrate skin, reduce enlarged pores and rejuvenate the skin

– Assists in repairing sun damage

– Penetrates the dermal layer

– One of the fastest, safest treatments available

– 100% Chemical Free and Safe

– Non invasive and no recovery time

How does it work?

Using light-emitting diode technology that was originally developed by NASA, the specific wavelengths penetrate the dermal layer of the skin with low light energy.

LED Light therapy was originally developed to assist in fast-tracking the healing of wounds and post surgery scars until the evidence proved just how effective is was in rejuvenating the skin to a healthy, overall complexion.


Enjoy the benefits

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LED Light Therapy

All skins and conditions can benefit from this treatment.  Through is rejuvenating and healing technology its excellent for concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne, blemishes, enlarged pores, dull skin, skin laxity and rosacea as it complements the skin’s natural ability to stimulate wound healing, collagen synthesis as well as boosting and rejuvenating the skin’s overall health.

Those with slow metabolisms or sluggish cellular activity can benefit greatly proving optimal results.

Excellent for those with eczema, psoriasis or mild sensitivity due to the healing stimulation.


The light is placed over the skin with no need for eye protection.  While under, it will be warm and pleasant and some even fall asleep during treatment.

No.  It is a completely safe treatment that provides effective results for clearing problematic and rejuvenating skin to ultimate health.

After your first treatment, your skin immediately feels rejuvenated and will appear smoother, more hydrated and vibrant from increased oxygen and blood flow to the skin, giving an instant natural radiant glow.  4 to 6 is needed to see achieving the best results.

Combining LED Light Therapy with other treatments produces optimal results, especially for moderate to severe skin condition leaving the skin looking healthier and more youthful. 

To preserve the results, maintenance treatments will be discussed upon completing your skin treatment plan.

Not at all.  The light feels warm and provides a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment.

As LED Light Therapy is completely safe, it required that the following must be consulted with a doctor before treatment if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Epilepsy
  • Taking cortisone or steroid injections.

As LED Light Therapy is a completely safe treatment, there is no skin preparation required leading up to your treatment and is performed on clean skin.

After your treatment you can go in the sun and should be wearing and SPF 30+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, apply makeup and resume your usual skin care routine unless otherwise advised on the day otherwise.


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