“Non-invasive superior system for all skin tones – clinically proven, FDA Approved by Cynosure”

State-Of-The-Art aesthetic treatment to skin rejuvenation and a beautiful complexion!

ICON MAXG™ IPL provides a fast, convenient and effective treatments to a wide range of skin concerns and imperfections. This incredible Laser Technology by Cynosure delivers treatment options for all skin tones from 1 to 6 without damaging the surrounding areas and focusing solely on the damaged cells resulting in a fresh, smooth, youthful and vibrant complexion tailored to your aesthetic goals for face and body!


How does it work?

ICON MAXG™ IPL operates on a single wavelength, unlike other traditional lasers, it employs a combination of unique Dynamic Spectrum ShiftingSM and dual-band filters to provide extreme efficiency and precision targeting many skin issues through heating the blood vessels including the deepest to give you superior results with minimal discomfort, no downtime and visible results after one treatment

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