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“Non-surgical removal of unwanted skin tags, lesions and pigmentation in only 1 treatment!  Fantastic option for skin tag removal!”

A quick, simple and easy procedure without the need for stitches to remove benign and harmless skin growths without causing bleeding!

RF Surgical offers a cosmetic treatment with superior results in removing skin lesions and growths without the use of incision using scalpels.  Also knowns as Radio Frequency, this minimally invasive procedure eliminates skin tags, lesions and pigmentation without causing bleeding, swelling or pain and allowing for better healing and less scarring.

– More precise

– Safer than scalpels

– Enhanced healing

– Less swelling, bleeding, pain and possibility of infections

– No stitches or scarring


Why choose RF Surgical?

This procedure provides a quick and easy removal in only 1 session required without causing any bleeding or downtime.  Radio Frequency has been used for many years and improved in technology to assist in effective and safe procedures. Unlike traditional electrosurgery devices that can cause shock, burning and pain from unsealed nerve ending, Radio Frequency  provides precision when removing skin growths and coagulation (turning liquid into solid) of the blood so there is no bleeding after the procedure, allowing you to return to your daily activities immediately. 

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